Reassurance Scan 12 to 40 weeks £99

This scan is a 30 minute appointment and allows the parent(s) the chance to be reassured that their baby is developing normally. Measurements of the baby are taken to check the dates/growth and a checklist confirming the Wellbeing of the baby completed.

Any specific concerns of the parents can be discussed with the experienced Sonographer carrying out the scan and onward referrals can be arranged to our Consultant Obstetrician or other medical partners if required.

This scan would not replace the 20 week Detailed scan.

It includes

  • 30 minute appointment

  • 8 black and white glossy images

  • Fetal wellbeing checklist and report

  • Heartbeat confirmation

  • Optional DVD recording of the scan

  • Brief look in 4D if baby is in the right position and 1 image can be in 4D

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