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Complaints Procedure

The care and treatment delivered by The Baby Scan Studio is done so with due diligence and in accordance with current guidelines.  However, it is acknowledged that sometimes things can go wrong.  


By having an effective complaints process in place, this practice is able to investigate and resolve complaints in a timely manner, achieving the desired outcome for service users, whilst also identifying lessons learned and ultimately improving service delivery.

  • Patients wishing to submit a complaint can do so verbally or in writing.

  • A complaint should normally be made within six months. The Baby Scan Studio may be willing to investigate complaints after this time, but only where there is a realistic opportunity of conducting a fair and effective investigation. The complainant is to have a good reason why the complaint was not acted upon sooner.

  • The complaints manager at The Baby Scan Studio will provide an initial response to acknowledge any complaint within three working days after the complaint is received.

  • Following the full complaints investigation, the person conducting the complaint review is expected to send a full, written response on the outcome of the review within twenty working days. Where the investigation is still in progress, you should receive a letter explaining the reasons for the delay. 

  • If you are not satisfied with the complaint review, you have the right to refer the matter to an independent external adjudication, although this will need to be completed within six months of receiving the final response.

  • If it is longer than six months you may not be able to access the adjudication service.

  • Any complaint is investigated with the utmost confidence and all associated documentation will be held separately from the complainant’s medical records. Complaint confidentiality will be maintained, ensuring only managers and staff who are involved in the investigation know the particulars of the complaint. 

  • In the unlikely incidence that there is a persistent and unreasonable complainant at The Baby Scan Studio, then the patient will be asked to consider asking another private provider to support their needs.

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