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Growth Scan

24 to 39 weeks - £125

The anatomy of the baby will be assessed including the stomach, kidneys, bladder and heart.

The Baby's head is measured in 2 planes (BPD and HC) and the leg (FL) and the Abdomen (AC). These industry standard measurements will be compared with previous measurements to assess growth of the baby and to give a weight estimation.

The blood flow across the umbilical cord from the placenta will also be measured to assess placental function.

During this scan the baby will be moving and the Sonographer will take the time to explain the scan and answer any questions. You can watch the scan as it happens on the flat screen monitor with your partner, children or other friends and relations if you wish. Up to 4 people can be accommodated comfortably in the scan room.

At the end of the scan you will receive a report and any relevant images to place in your maternity notes.

The appointment is for 30 minutes and includes up to 6 Black and white glossy prints.

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