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Gynaecology £130

Gynaecology £130

A Gynaecological Ultrasound is a scan of the female pelvis to look at the Ovaries and Uterus (womb).

Ultrasound is a painless and harmless technique that provides instant information for the patient. All our scans are performed Trans-vaginally (internal) as this gives much clearer pictures than scanning through the skin with a full bladder. In a few circumstances, it is necessary to scan with a full bladder after a trans-vaginal scan but this is discussed with the patient.


There are many women's Gynaecological conditions in which ultrasound may be helpful and reasons that a woman might come for a scan.

These include:


  • Irregular bleeding

  • Pain in the pelvis

  • Concerns about Ovarian cancer

  • Family history of Ovarian cancer

  • Checking the position of an IUD (coil)

  • Fertility status - Early menopause

  • Infertility

  • IVF treatment abroad

  • Previous diagnosis of Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Polycystic Ovaries

  • Discomfort or swelling in the pelvis

  • Fibroids

  • Recurrent miscarriage

  • Post-menopausal bleeding


For patients having IVF treatment either in the UK or abroad, you can have an Ovulation/Endometrial assessment with the images sent to your phone and the report emailed to you or your referral clinic. £95 

All of the Sonographers at CS Partners Medical/The Baby Scan Studio have years of experience in Gynae scanning and are able to explain the scan and the findings with the patient. 

After a Gynae scan, the patient is issued with copies of the report which can be emailed. Whilst we are able to provide you with an accurate and reliable Ultrasound, our clinical staff cannot prescribe medication nor recommend surgery from their findings.


Our Gynae scans are performed using the latest GE Voluson range of equipment. We routinely use colour Doppler imaging to obtain best detail on the function of the ovaries and uterus.


Appointments can be made by booking online, emailing an enquiry or calling the clinics direct and speaking to a trained appointments team who understand your concerns and can advise each individual as to the best appointment time and possible outcome.

We have evening and Saturday appointments at no extra charge. Gynae Scans are £130.


For more information on our staff, please see the section ‘ABOUT US' and then select ‘OUR STAFF'

Previous patient experiences can be seen on the ‘CLIENT COMMENTS' tab. 

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