From as early as 8 weeks gestation the paternity of the baby can be confirmed by taking a blood sample from the Mother and a mouth swab from the alleged Father. These samples are sent for analysis in the laboratory.

This test works because even from 8 weeks there are free-floating fetal cells in the mothers blood having transferred across via the placenta. So the DNA profile of the baby is determined and then compared to the DNA profile of the man tested.


The report generated will then show if the man tested is or is not the biological father.

At the time of the test, the mother and the alleged Father bring photo ID with them as proof of identity so that this test is then valid in a court of law as 'the chain of custody' is maintained.

The patient can choose how to receive the results - by email or in the post and to which address

The Baby Scan Studio does not receive a copy of the results, only the patient so strict confidentiality is maintained.

This test costs £920 

Results available in 8-9 working days.